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All in a days work

FM 99.1 FM CJAM radio show All in a Days Work co-hosts Mike and Jenny , really made it comfortable. They are perfect voices for all things labour.

The topic was Injured Workers, the upcoming Day of Mourning April 28, 2017 and WSIB . Here is some of what I said : " Like most of us, I used to see these days posted, read about the tragedies in the paper and online , Injured worker Day, Day of Mourning, RSI DAY, even events and fundraisers like the Justice for Injured workers bike ride and feel good knowing someones doing something about it. Then change the channel, click the next link or turn the page. The reality is that even with all the great days , events , enforcement we are struggling to hold our ground. Its takes the death of workers, public outrage and organized community activism and pressure to create legislation to give us some protections we already should have. "

I'm asking you to mark April 28th on your Calendar, and come to the Day of Mourning Ceremony, march and service starting at St Augustine's church at 5pm ending at the memorial monument at Coventry Gardens. Pay respect to not only the victims, our dead and wounded , but also the families, friends and coworkers that have also been victimized.

Also to support the ONIWG/Justice for Injured Workers Ride, sister Nicole Simpson, is in the ride !

Please show your support !

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