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Evening with Michelle Lomazzo

Tonight was a special night for our Injured Workers Support Group ! We not only talked about our support in Windsor for ONIWG's "Compensation is a Right !" campaign, but had the pleasure of listening to an expert in claims resolution at both WSIB and WSIAT levels. Michelle Lomazzo captured the attention and respect of the room starting out speaking of hope. She openly shared an inspiring story of a couple who battled wsib for twenty years ! Instilling not to give up. She became involved after the award, the wsib had miscalculated the entitlement.

Document everything, phone calls, appointments, times, dates, who with , how did you feel, and so on. That with some persistence when contacting your case manager without success could be a call to the next level up, the documented calls will help resolve the response time issues. With each example Michelle and her team made significant gains by forcing case managers to articulate the policies used to deny, checked deducted earnings, and challenging every decision without merrit.

She urged all to file that appeal within' timelines. once the appeal is in; the decision can be challenged. Once timelines pass, they have passed.

Michelle, anwsered questions in group , and one on one afterward.

You can speak with Michelle or an associate at

Thank You Michelle !

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